NextGen AI Education Event: A Resounding Success

On March 20th, 2024, as part of the Erasmus+ funded AI4VET4AI project, CroAI orchestrated the National Dissemination Event, NextGen AI Education, in Zagreb. This pivotal gathering underscored our collaborative endeavor to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) within the educational sphere, drawing experts from diverse fields to discuss AI’s transformative power in education.

Project Presentation and Panel Discussion Insights

The event began with a project presentation, introducing the AI4VET4AI project, setting the stage for a day dedicated to the exploration and dissemination of AI’s role in education. Following this, a panel of distinguished speakers spanning academia, human resources, sociology, and the student community embarked on a discourse about the ethical integration of AI within educational realms. Topics of discussion varied from advocating for ethical AI practices to the augmentation of educational experiences through AI, all aiming to foster a nuanced conversation among attendees.

‘6 Thinking Hats’ Workshop

A standout feature of the event was the ‘6 Thinking Hats’ workshop that unfolded in the afternoon. Delineated into two core focus groups, the workshop probed into vital discussions on leveraging AI for talent identification and amplifying the synergy between AI enterprises and educational bodies. This engaging and interactive platform enabled participants to scrutinize these themes from multiple vantage points, culminating in a collective vision for AI’s benevolent impact on the educational future.

Motivated by the shared enthusiasm and groundbreaking ideas, we look forward to orchestrating further initiatives to perpetuate this dialogue and foster an educational landscape enriched with AI innovations.

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