AI4VET4AI Project Meeting: Empowering VET with AI

On March 19th, 2024, an AI4VET4AI project meeting took place in Zagreb, Croatia. Hosted by Algebra University, the meeting gathered representatives from various consortium members both in person and online to synchronize efforts and make significant strides in advancing artificial intelligence (AI) education within vocational training (VET).

Partners who attended the meeting in person were: Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association – CROAI, Poslovna inteligencija – PI, Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto – FIS, Association for Women’s Potential Affirmation and Networking – AFA, Algebra University – AU, Camera Commercio Italiana per la Spagna – CCIS. The rest of the project’s consortium representatives participated online.

The meeting was structured around key objectives of different work packages (WP) within the AI4VET4AI project, reflecting the comprehensive nature of the endeavour. Key highlights from the meeting include:

Project Management and Coordination (WP 1): Emphasis was placed on meeting deadlines and upcoming events such as the National Dissemination Event.

Identifying AI Skill Gaps (WP 2): Progress in field research and literature review was discussed, focusing on challenges and achievements in identifying regional and national AI-related skill gaps.

Raising Awareness of AI Skills (WP 3): Ongoing activities and upcoming events aimed at building local AI innovation ecosystems were detailed, highlighting the importance of accurate documentation and collaboration agreements for effective dissemination.

Curriculum Development (WP 4): Objectives for developing AI-related curricula and syllabi for vocational learners and teachers were outlined, stressing adaptability and relevance.

Communication and Dissemination (WP 10): Achievements in social media engagement and upcoming promotional activities were highlighted, underlining the significance of the exploitation plan for project sustainability.

The meeting concluded with a shared commitment to advancing AI education for vocational training, leveraging collaboration and innovation to address emerging challenges and opportunities. As the project progresses, stakeholders eagerly anticipate tangible outcomes that will shape the future of vocational training and prepare learners for the AI-driven world ahead. Stay tuned for more updates as AI4VET4AI continues its transformative journey.

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