AI4VET4AI’s first in-person meeting

The AI-powered Next Generation of VET (AI4VET4AI) project, which aims to establish Centre for Vocational excellence (CoVE), made progress during its 2nd Project Meeting, which was the first in-person meeting, held in Zagreb on September 28-29, 2023, organized by the project coordinator, Algebra University College.

Project AI4VET4AI aims to contribute to the digital transformation of the EU labour market by introducing innovative teaching content and methods into vocational education and training (VET) curricula across 11 European countries. The meeting gathered representatives from all consortium members:

The first in-person meeting was a comprehensive platform for key activities and discussions that will guide the AI4VET4AI project into the future. During the two-day event, a variety of essential sessions took place.

On the first day, representatives from 11 partner countries shared their local or regional success stories related to the implementation of AI in business or initiatives aimed at aligning the education sector with the evolving demands of the labour market through AI solutions. Afterwards, Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) hosted a research methodology workshop with a focus on developing comprehensive research methodologies to serve as guidelines for conducting national research. These methodologies will underpin comparative studies on regional and national AI-related skill gaps. In addition to this, the Croatian Artificial Intelligence Association (CROAI) hosted a workshop centered on building local AI innovation ecosystems and raising awareness.

The second day of the meeting featured a workshop on dissemination activities led by the Association for Women’s Potential Affirmation and Networking (AFA). During this session, partners delved into the importance of effective dissemination within the project framework. The meeting also addressed crucial project management issues, led by Algebra University College.

In essence, the 2nd Project Meeting, the first in-person meeting of AI4VET4AI proved to be a pivotal event that addressed various aspects of the project. These included the development of research methodologies, the establishment of AI innovation ecosystems, effective dissemination strategies, and the intricacies of project management. By facilitating these discussions, the meeting ensured that all consortium members were well-informed and prepared to play their respective roles in the AI4VET4AI project.

As the project moves forward, this meeting serves as a testament to the commitment of project consortium in advancing AI vocational education and training (VET) education in Europe, ultimately contributing to the digital transformation of the European labour market.

With its emphasis on collaboration and knowledge sharing, AI4VET4AI is poised to make a lasting impact in the realm of artificial intelligence education in vocational education and training (VET).

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