Artificial Intelligence in Design

On October 6, The Southeast Anatolian Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’ Association, one of the partners in the AI4VET4AI project from Turkey, organized a seminar titled “The Future of Businesses without Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Intelligence in Design” as part of the “Design Days” event held on 5-6 October 2023.

During the seminar, detailed insights into the role of artificial intelligence in design were provided, featuring a presentation by Ms. Özgecan ÜSTGÜL, the founder of’s advanced technology introduces an artificial intelligence-based “state-of-the-art” pattern design tool that facilitates collaboration between designers and businesses. This tool contributes to green and digital transformation across all sectors, meeting the requirements of the 4.0 sector.

The application, designed to simplify the lives of designers, enables the creation of valuable and unique designs within minutes, ultimately saving crucial time—an essential element in today’s context. While the significance of artificial intelligence continues to grow, its effectiveness spans various fields, including design, where it brings forth numerous innovations.

The seminar, well-received by participants, saw designers, students, and industry professionals posing various questions to founder Özgecan ÜSTGÜL. The discussions underscored the understanding of the importance of artificial intelligence, shedding light on the potential areas of our lives where artificial intelligence could play a role.

The coordination of this occasion is a component of the AI4VET4AI project, which seeks to increase awareness of AI-related subjects in the partner’s national/local context and establish a community for the discussion of AI-related topics and innovations.

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