The AI4VET4AI Project vs. Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023

The AI4VET4A Project is approaching its second calendar year of activities, where we shall enter deeper into project management, establish Methodology, define definitions, gather data, and work quite a lot on dissemination and promoting generative AI and the use of AI in different fields, naturally focusing on vocational education and training.

According to the report »Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023«, the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution issued in Jun 2023, among which even two of them (20%) are dealing with Artificial Intelligence, Generative artificial intelligence, listed as the second and most specialised use of AI – AI-facilitated healthcare (New technologies to improve the efficiency of healthcare systems), aiming to challenge shortcomings of healthcare systems all over the world.

Top 10 emerging Technologies of 2023 (Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Jun 2023)

  1. Flexible batteries Powering wearable technologies for healthcare and e-textiles.
  2. Generative artificial intelligence Expanding the boundaries of human endeavour.
  3. Sustainable aviation fuel Moving the aviation industry towards net-zero carbon emissions.
  4. Designer phages Engineering viruses to augment human, animal and plant health.
  5. Metaverse for mental health Shared virtual spaces to improve mental health
  6. Wearable plant sensors Revolutionizing agricultural data collection to feed the world.
  7. Spatial omics Molecular-level mapping of biological processes to unlock life’s mysteries
  8. Flexible neural electronics Better engineered circuits to interface with the nervous system.
  9. Sustainable computing Designing and implementing net-zero-energy data centres.
  10. AI-facilitated healthcare New technologies to improve the efficiency of healthcare systems.

This outlines prospects of which could be one of the most common AI applications of our time, and, on the other side, quite probably, medicine is the field in which occupations are going to need an AI-skilled VET, qualified workforce the most in the next ten years, as one of the research questions in the process of the Literature Review Screening that started in Q4 2023.

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